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cage2 ring gold

149 EUR

  • the cage ring is available in three different heights
  • it characterized the classical band ring
  • brass 18ct gold-plated
  • now on pre-order / receive it 3-4 weeks after order / if your size is on stock it will be shipped in 2 - 3 days

  • select your ring size:

    50 = ∅ 15,90mm
    51 = ∅ 16,20mm
    52 = ∅ 16,50mm
    53 = ∅ 16,80mm
    54= ∅ 17,20mm
    55 = ∅ 17,50mm
    56 = ∅ 17,80mm
    57 = ∅ 18,10mm
    58 = ∅ 18,50mm
    59 = ∅ 18,80mm
    60 = ∅ 19,10mm
    if your ring size is not available or you need a customized ring size please contact me via mail@arianeernst.com and place an order

    ariane ernst is a german jewelry designer. she trained her skills as a goldsmith at the vienna gold- and silversmith academy for 2 years. afterwards she studied „applied art & design“ at the fh duesseldorf in germany and graduated with a bachelor and master degree. she gained her work experience at one of the established goldsmiths in vienna, at stuart moore in new york and extended her view within the field of fashion jewelry at the well-known swedish fashion label h&m at their head office in stockholm. she draws creative understanding of jewelry and design from these very different streams of knowledge. ariane‘s jewelry is furthermore inspired by the current fashion trends and art movements like minimalism and deconstructivism.

    each piece is based upon a broad conventional style. in particular she puts her focus on proportionalities and the joint lines of each single link. in this process classical forms of jewelry collide with the latest trends of fashion – colours, stylishness and her classical education influences her jewelry design.

    as a designer she always tries to be free from any single style. rather she uses these “interline” influences and works under the title „inbetween“. her current line tries to demystify jewelry from only being a status symbol or an accessory. for her, jewelry is much more. it is an expression of character and personality – it‘s not just gemstones mounted in metal. ariane emphasizes this by integrating innovative work methods like 3d printing into her design process. after finishing her nine years education she launches her own label in july 2013 called „ariane ernst“. 

    for more information please visit: www.arianeernst.com